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Block knife sharpeners are  American made Patent knife sharpener.With it flex design you can easily sharpen any knife blade.

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Block knife sharpeners appreciates your business. We Like to give you the best deals we can. We offer free shipping with any size orders more you order the better the deals get.

Mission statements – My mission is to be know-en for making the best knife sharpeners in the world. For 4 generations now. My family the Block's been making,selling and pitching knife sharpeners, all over the country now for over 50 years. We sharpen thousands knives for free in sport shows and gun and knife shows. Competition hates us .But are fans love us. This also ensure are quality stay at it's best.  Be a friend and tell your friends the quest for the best knife sharpener is over now.   ((Block sharpener American made,Made to last))                                                                                                                                     

Company policies – We offer free replacement rods if you ever need. and money back guarantee when you buy off are websites. Block sharpeners are tough enough for production use. One should last most people a life time in the kitchen.and for sharpening dull tools around the house.

Executive profiles –Any trouble ordering please feel free to call.us at 352-568-0444    We can sharpen more than your knives. Any trouble using please do call us, morning is best.. or see videos on the website found on the sharpeners handle. Over 100 different how to videos.to learn from..

Top and bottom side,with Black patent Anti-slip grip and thumb guard and guide.

Top and bottom side,with Black patent Anti-slip grip and thumb guard and guide.

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How we Proving we are the Best knife sharpeners.

Block knife sharpener don't just say they make the best knife sharpeners,They will prove it like no other sharpener can.

Block knife sharpener as seen on TV.

This is Captain Sharp Blade-R- Block.Inventor and Manufacturer of the World famous Block knife sharpener. As seen on TV.